ZOOM MEETING 3/4/2021 12PM
  Presentation from new owners of Yerkes Observatory - Future Outlook
Board Meeting Minutes 2/16/21
Geneva Lake West Rotary Club
Board Minutes
On February 16, 2021, 5 p.m. Geneva Lake West Rotary.

We were called to order at 5:04 p.m. by Jim Reuland.

Don Vandello , Heidi Alten, Tom Beci, Mike Hinske, John Ring, Phill Klamm, Don Holst, Jim Reuland, Ed Heyer.
Guest: Mary Heyer

Approval of Minutes
The approval of minutes was done on 1/19/2021 via email.

Secretary Report
Membership total is 50, 48 active, two honorary
Dave Dougherty. We're pretty sure he moved to the Carolinas or is moving to South Carolina, but he has not changed his membership yet so we're going to leave him active.
Jim Homan did move to Salem, Wisconsin but has also not changed his membership yet. We are going to keep him active.

Treasurer Report
Income and expense balance sheet for 2/14/21 via John Ring was approved via email on 2/14/21.
Current Financial Reports available in “Documents section” of website
Just a little discussion Freedom for Girls distribution funds was for sanitary packs. They were being sent to Hopewell High School, Soar Kenya Academy, and Rotary Club of Nakuru; and we're waiting for response on the Great Rift Valley to fund them.

Committee reports
No committee reports to report at this time.

Old Business

Holiday food baskets presented by Mary Heyer.
The report was on unused gift certificates, the expiration date and disposition of funds. Bill Melson from Century reported that 199 gift certificates were turned in and used using 31 of those gift certificates outstanding. Mary reported $2635 that Century said they could issue and gift cards to be used by Rotary as we saw fit. We had approved ideas merged by Don Vandello and Mike Hinske of by March 1 issuing $50 gift cards with the balance leaving enough cash at Sentry to have two gift certificates redeemed by outstanding participants, taking half those gift cards and giving them to the food pantry and the other half of the gift cards would be given to the liaisons for homeless students to be provided to families that were in need and in the school districts. Mary would get those gift certificates to rotary for us to disperse.
Annual Dinner
Heidi Alten clarified that the dinner would be at The Abbey, date still TBD.  We would do an award ceremony, if the recipients for the Service Above Self recipient for 2020 (Richard Rasmussen is available. 
Don Vandello is going to send out information to the membership to nominate the 2021 Service Above Self Award . We will present that award either at end of May beginning, or at the annual dinner if available.
 Heidi will have a discussion with The Abbey to see if that dinner can be rescheduled with no penalty or canceled with no penalty just in case, we are unable to get together or membership feels uncomfortable getting together.

Future Meetings
The next noon meeting will be via Zoom on March 4, 2021. Yerkes Observatory will be the speaker so we will call to order, talk about some board news and then hear the speaker. Don Holst said they would have about a half an hour so they will prepare that.

Golf Outing Committee
Toby Steivang and Chuck Palma have met, and we believe that Chuck has given Toby the folder and the timeline for the golf outing. Heidi has confirmation that Dixon Golf would be invited back for 2021.
 Heidi will get the trophy plaques for the 2019 and the 2020 winners and have those put on the trophy. The date for the golf outing is Thursday, May 27, 2021.
Scholarship Committee (John Ring)
The committee is down to five people. John Ring said that is manageable, but if anyone else wants to join, that would be fine. Jim Reuland expressed interest in becoming a scholarship committee member. John Ring expressed interest in stepping down. The scholarship packets are on the website and they would like to present the scholarships at the latest by April 12.
New Business

Former District Governor, Jeff Reid, has requested all the Clubs in the District to Contribute to Program called JHoole. Third World Women’s Business initiative. Request $2500.00.
United Way, requested by John Henderson, for all Clubs in our Zone to contribute $1000.00.
Jim Reuland will respond to both requests that unfortunately due to budgetary concerns we cannot contribute or donate at this time but best of luck to their continued success.
PETS (President Elect Training Seminar)

Don Holst and Phill Klamm will share information on PETS and Pre PETS that are virtual this year and that there was a motion approved that Rotary will pay the fees for the upcoming president and president-elect to attend.
Adjourned at 6:17 p.m. by Jim Reuland, our next meeting will be held at 5 p.m., via Zoom ,on March 16, 5 p.m.
Rotary Scholar Selected
—February 15, 2021—
            Rotary International (RI) District 6270 is pleased to announce the selection of Alaina Eckert, Sussex, WI, as its Global Grant Scholarship applicant for 2021-2022.
            Ms. Eckert is a graduate of Sussex Hamilton H.S. and of The University of Wisconsin—Madison. She has already begun a dual degree, Master of Science/Master of International Nature Conservation, in a cooperative program of the Georg-August Universität in Göttingen, Germany, and Lincoln University in Lincoln, New Zealand.
            The practical approach of the program is to preserve the integrity of nature, in combination with the assessment of risk management and conservation strategy, and offers an invaluable experience in the education of international conservation. The four-semester program offers new perspectives to maintaining biodiversity and ecosystems that allow local communities to be resilient to future ecological changes, maintain economic stability and growth, use adaptive conservation management strategies for both the betterment of the community and the ecosystem, and preserve critical ecological systems. Thus, Ms. Eckert’s program of studies aligns with RI’s “Community Economic Development” Area of Focus, and it anticipates close alignment with RI’s newest Area of Focus, “Protecting the Environment,” which becomes effective on July 1, 2021.
            The amount of the Global Grant Scholarship is U.S. $30,000. RI District 6270 is providing $15,000 of that amount, and The Rotary Foundation is matching it with another $15,000. The Rotary Foundation, RI districts, and Rotary clubs invest in our future leaders and philanthropists by funding scholarships for graduate study through the Global Grant Scholarship program. Information about Rotary’s other scholarship programs can be accessed at:
Meeting Location and Frequency
In person meetings suspended until April.  Zoom meetings only TBA.
MARCH 4                Zoom Meeting 12pm
                                 Yerkes Observatory update
MARCH 16             Board Meeting via Zoom  5pm
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