Meeting Location and Frequency
Twice Monthly
5/13/2021  The Abbey Resort  Sand Bar Room
                     Teacher's Service Above Self
5/20/2021  The Abbey Resort  Sand Bar Room
                      Following Diploma Endorsement
                      Big Foot High School 11am
5/25/2021  Board Meeting Exemplar 5pm
5/27/2021  Golf Outing Abbey Springs
6/10/2021  Yerkes Observatory Tour and Lunch
                       353 W. Geneva St., Williams Bay
6/24/2021  The Abbey Resort  Sand Bar Room
                       Changing of the Guard
                       Bob Millman - Illinois Prison Ministry

16th Annual Rotary Scholarship Golf Outing!

Thursday Thursday May 27, 2021 11:00am Registration!
Geneva Lake West Rotary Club's 16th Annual Scholarship Golf Outing Fundraiser
"Committed to Service Above Self by helping local organizations. 
We are proud to host our Annual Golf Outing and Dinner to raise money for our Scholarship Endowment Fund
that will benefit students from Faith Christian High School, Williams Bay High School and Big Foot High Schools"
Questions about Sponsorship, Golfing or Donations - Contact:
16th Annual Scholarship Golf Outing Details
      $TBA per person - Lunch, Golf, Dinner & Auction
     $40 per person - Chicken & Ribs Dinner & Auction - feel free to invite family and friends that don't golf to this Dinner and Auction!
11:00am Registration
11:30pm Lunch
12:15pm Instruction
12:30pm Shotgun Start
5:30pm Dinner & Auction
Click the "Homepage Download Files" 16th Annual Rotary Scholarship Golf Outing to download a registration form
Geneva Lake West Rotary Club

Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2021

Exemplar Financial Network, 630 Kenosha Street, Walworth, Wisconsin, 53184, the April 20, 2021, Rotary Board meeting of the Geneva Lake Rotary Club.
The regular meeting of the Geneva Lake West Rotary Club was called to order at 4:57 p.m. on April 20, 2021, in the Exemplar Financial Network office at 630 Kenosha Street, Walworth, Wisconsin, 53184, by Don Holst
Heidi Alten, Don Vandello, Frank Breneisen, Don Holst, Mike Hinske, Rich Hildebrandt, Tom Beci, Phill Klamm.
Approval of Minutes
There was an approval of the agenda, and minutes were approved from the previous meeting.
Secretary Report
The Secretary Report was no new members. 
There was a member losses – Ceschi, Dougherty
 Member count current is 46;
No current requests for project funding. 
News to the Board is just an update of the Golf Outing ticketing.
Treasurer Report
Refer to the email that Don Vandello sent out on April 20, 2021.  It was approved via email. Income/Expense, Balance Sheet for period 4/19/21.      Accounts Receivable Review and recommendations.
Committee Reports:
Membership – Had a brief discussion about membership since we have had some recent resignations.  We brainstormed some ideas on how to create more interest in our Club and increase membership.  Some ideas were talking to people where we work, and ramp up Corporate Memberships.  Maybe a Linkedin Page?  
Club administration
Old business –
Corn Brat Update (Phill Klamm) - Phill Klamm to report on the corn and brat update. Phill spoke with Ed Heyer, and we will be doing the corn and brat at Devil's Lane Park. They spoke with Tom Connelly, and he took drone coverage photos of the park for them to begin preliminary planning of the event. The committee will review the layout. Emmanuel Lutheran would like to have an area where they can sell creampuffs. They are discussing with the police department the Devil's Lane shutdown as a part of the street for pedestrians, and that is being worked out. Signage, print, and social media is being worked on as far as promotion of the new site. The committee is also working on meal-ticket issues. Mike Hinske will begin to contact the volunteers. Mike Hinske will contact Art Larson regarding the t-shirts. Frank Berneisen mentioned that if tickets for the corn and brat are brought to the company that provides the dumpsters ahead of time, 10 tickets, they will donate the dumpsters, which could be a couple hundred dollar savings versus paying for them. Phill took that into consideration
Walworth PD AED Match Update (Don V.) - Walworth PD AED match update presented by Don Vandello. One contribution has been done, and Don will check to see if they still need the second one since there were photos posted of other AEDs purchased. Currently, we have $500 toward that match, and so he will check with Bob Rauland because, if we get to 800, we can get another one. He'll check with Bob to see if they still need the other donation
World Affairs Update (Don V.)- Grace with Williams Bay is approved and ready to start virtually, and she will come to the club probably in July of 2021 to present to the club how she attended and what she learned from the world affairs seminar.
Diploma Endorsement Update (Hinske) - Diploma endorsements scheduled for May 20, 2021, presented by Mike Hinske. I will send out an email reminding members that week that we're actually going to meet at Big Foot High School auditorium at 10:45 a.m. so the presentation can start promptly at 11 a.m., and Mike believes it should go to about 11:45 a.m. and then should end and to keep the abbey scheduled for 12:15 lunch. I will keep the abbey lunch at 12:15 but to just notify the members to be at the high school auditorium at 10:45 a.m
Golf Outing Update (Heidi) - Updates regarding the golf outing. A $500 advertising budget was approved for the golf outing to get information to the newspapers, so I can probably send the .jpg of the brochure to the various newspapers along with maybe a design with our Facebook account and our website for online registration with our website to various newspapers to see how many newspapers and various advertisements I can get for 500. All online ticketing is live on our website and facebook.  An email will be going out to all member, friends of rotary and prospective donors regarding the golf outing and looking for donations for the raffle and silent auction.  There will be raffle tickets and 50/50 sold at lunch before the golfers go out and when then when they return.  We will also be looking for Sponsors for the event too!  Toby has been working hard on getting all the other details worked out with the golf course and has secured the Kunes Car for the hole-in-on challenge.  Dixon Golf will be there too to work 2 of the holes with their items.  We received about $500 total from them last year.
New business
SASA Nominations (Don V.) Katie Smith is our 2021 Winner It will be presented at a lunch after July 1. Katie Smith is very pregnant, so Phill recommended maybe after she has her baby.
 Nancy Lehman, Maggie Gage can be candidates for future years.
Committee Structure (Holst) - We reviewed the committee structure that Don Holst provided and provided feedback on various committee members and maybe - Don suggested maybe adding people to certain committees so there's not just one person on certain committees and adding an additional person to trade off and delegate some responsibility to other people in the club that are not currently in committees. 
Officer Succession (All) - we will be handing the baton off to Don Holst in June from Jim Rauland, and then Phill is the vice president. Then Bill Rang would be the third - the second vice president. He indicated to Don Vandello that he will probably start attending board meetings in November when he's done at the Big Foot Country Club board. Don also mentioned that John and Don would like to eventually be off the board, and if we could, find replacements for the treasurer to take over board responsibilities and treasury reporting responsibilities. Mike Hinske mentioned that he would make mention of this to Mary Hinske for a potential club member once she retires in January of 2022.
District Governor Visit - District governor visit potentially in June of 2021. We're waiting for a response regarding his calendar
District Conference – May 1-3 and we are not doing sponsorships.
Youth Exchange - We used to have quite a bit of inbound foreign exchange or youth exchange students, but we really never had any outbound students. We don't have any planned at this time. We're not opposed to it, but I know it's been discussed in the past that sometimes the students now are a little overwhelmed with other things. We really haven't had a lot of requests at the schools for youth exchange programs, so maybe later with that.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:02 p.m. by Mike Hinske. The next general meeting will be at 5 p.m. on May 25, 2021, in the Exemplar Financial Network office at 630 Kenosha Street, Walworth, Wisconsin, 53184.
Minutes submitted by Heidi Alten 4/22/21
PROGRAM 4/1/21
Influential Women of Lake Geneva
Sparce Attendance
PROGRAM 4/15/21
Teacher recognition - Walworth Grade School, Fontana Grade School, BFHS
Annual Dinner 4/29/21
Great Party, 28 in attendance, Big Foot Jazz Band was awesome.
Thanks Heidi for setting everything up.
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